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CBM Ministries (formerly Children's Bible Mission) has been bringing God's Word to the children of Madison County, Virginia, since 1939. Diane Wagner has been a CBM Bible teacher since 1983. In 2011, Lindsey Nicholson joined Diane as a CBM Bible teacher in Madison County. They regularly teach children, in grades from kindergarten - 5th grade, each month as they attend the 45 minute Bible class held in the "Rolling Chapel".


The Greenwood's in Peru

The Greenwood's

Gary and Sarah Greenwood serve the Lord as missionaries among the people in Andahuaylas, Peru. Sarah started mission work for the Yanomamo Indians in Venezuela in 1998. Due to political tensions, the Greenwoods were forced to leave Venezuela in 2008. The Greenwoods - with their children, Isaiah, Havilah, Isaac, Josiah, and Jacob - now minister together in Andahuaylas. The Greenwood's serve the local population by means of medical aid, education, and the teaching of God's Word.

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The Fletcher's with the Pioneers Church Partnership Team

The Fletcher's

The Church Partnerships Team helps churches fully engage and remain fully engaged in the process of sending and supporting missionaries over the long haul. Pioneers takes the role of the local church in sending out missionaries seriously. That is why the Church Partnerships Team was established. Greg now has responsibility for connecting with churches throughout the Southeast, and enjoys helping them think through the process of sending and supporting missions in a strategic and meaningful way. He was actually surprised by the number of churches that are actually “crying out” for someone to help them narrow down all the possibilities and find the things that they are “designed” to do in concert with the Lord of the Harvest!

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